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Youth harp program 2018

2022 Somerset Youth Harp Program

A specialty program tailored specifically to young harpers ages 10-16
Directed by Dominique Dodge

We're going to continue building on the incredibly successful program we created in 2013 and are thrilled to bring Dominique Dodge back to Somerset for her sixth year leading the program. She has done an incredible job building this program for young people. And it'll be great to do this In-Person in Parsippany!

The feedback from the young people (and their parents)is very gratifying. We know there are plenty of music camps out there in the summer but we feel that our harp conference is a unique environment for the young player at a very reasonable cost.

For everyone's safety and peace of mind, we will require proof of vaccination of everyone at the festival, including participants in our Youth program. Enrollment this year will be capped at 10 students so that each student can get lots of personal attention.

This year's tunes

You can download and listen to these tunes, which Dominique will teach by ear.

youth class We offer a cozy, small program within our conference for young people to make friends and play harp together all while they have the opportunity to sample the full smorgasbord of other workshops that only Somerset offers. We have the excitement of harp players coming from all over the country. They can rub shoulders with in an incredible diversity of harps and music not to mention the inspiration and motivation provided the daily concerts with some of the world's top players.

This program welcomes young students of all levels to engage with Scottish traditional music on the harp. Dominique Dodge will lead students through classes and play-alongs, using music and song to bring traditional tunes to life with many harps and voices. All tunes and songs will be taught by ear in class and parts will be created to suit different levels of experience (beginner, intermediate, and advanced). This program aims be accessible, fun, and challenging both for students who are familiar with Irish and Scottish music, and for those who come from different traditions (jazz, classical, and others).

Who should come: The youth harp program is open to lever and pedal harp players at all levels. Young harp players 10-16 years old will be brought together in a supportive environment to work on both group and individual playing skills. If you want to connect with other players your age and have a fun time learning new harp skills and playing with your new-found friends in a harp ensemble, this program is for you! The ages listed here are suggestions, not edicts. Really experienced younger players might fit in just as well. Any questions, just email Dominique or Kathy for guidance.

Itinerary for the Youth Harp Program: What You'll Do

2013 group(at left: some of our 2017 youth group getting guidance on a tune)
Registration: Parents should register their child for a VIP (Very In-Person) ticket which will give their child All-Access to all the content on Somerset Online until October 31. Students are expected to attend all 4 days "live" on festival weekend, July 21-24. Because enrollment in this program is capped, the child must be registered in advance. All workshops will be recorded for later replay on Somerset Online.

Thursday Meet & Greet:
Orientation at 3pm: This is an opportunity for the students to meet each other and connect with Dominique, who will use conversation, games, and traditional music and song to facilitate this process. Students will be oriented to learning by ear and to traditional teaching styles, and course guidelines and expectations will be laid out. We're also suggesting that those who attend the Meet & Greet should take any of the 3pm workshops that follow directly.

Friday and Saturday
1st Workshop 10-11:30am learning tunes & songs on Friday and arranging and practicing repertoire on Saturday
Lunchtime until 1pm:
(1) Visit our real-time, in-person Exhibit Hall --yay-- and try out harps.
(2) Go to the Harp Tastings on Friday and Saturday. That's super-fun.
(3) Go to the lunchtime concert & have lunch.

2nd Workshop 1-2:30pm: learning tunes & songs with Dominique

3rd Workshop 3-4:30pm: your choice of any of the Somerset workshops. Check the daily schedules to see what's available in this time slot. You can also start taking any of the 50+ video workshops you have access to. Even if you don't finish the workshop, you can come back to it later!
Dinner Break: That's on your own!

Concert: 7:30pm concert tickets are included in your registration.

Special Events after the concert: we have regular scheduled special events after the concert which are open to all festival registrants. Additionally, youth harp program participants might want to organize their own harp circles or other get-togethers in this timeslot. Sometimes at this point in the day, bedtime understandably beckons!

Morning Workshop 10:30am: you'll have a chat session in this final workshop of the weekend.

Sunday concert at noon: tickets to all concerts are included in your registration. Depending on how it goes, there may be an on-stage performance that your child can participate in.

Questions? Need more information? Call or email Kathy DeAngelo at 856-795-7637.

Cost & Registration

Youth Harp Program at Somerset: No added cost for this program. Just sign-up for a VIP ticket (access ends Oct. 31). When you get your Registration Confirmation email, please reply to register the child for this program. We are capping enrollment in this program so the child must be registered in advance.

Questions? Need more information?

Call or email Kathy DeAngelo at 856-795-7637.