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Somerset Folk Harp Festival

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Narrow Your Focus. Expand Your Horizon

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All About the Workshops: What You Need to Know

diy workshopWe have 100+ workshops from more than 30 presenters.
Our goal is to help you Narrow Your Focus or Expand Your Horizon.


I've edited this page to reflect changes due to the coronavirus pandemic. Those items are in RED.

Looking for Somerset Online? If you are a registered user Go here

Workshop Times: Unless otherwise noted, workshops are 90 minutes. Most workshops are pre-recorded and will be available online until December 31. Only the "live" workshops will stick to specific workshop time periods. These start times may be adjusted in June to start a little later to give our West Coast attendees extra time to wake up! We have 3 main workshop periods on Friday and Saturday: 9:30-11am (AM1), 1:30-3pm (PM1) and 3:30-5pm (PM2). On Sunday the morning workshop starts at 9am. There are mini-workshops scheduled in the 11am-1pm lunch break when we do things like the Harp Tastings and Do It Yourself Harp Maintenance.

How you get into a workshop: You can take any of the other workshops at any time. Your access credentials will be provided to our new Somerset Online portal at the end of June. All-Access registrants have access until December 31. Limited-Time registrants have access until July 31.

Thursday workshops: All Thursday workshops are "live" on Zoom. Because we have a smaller number of workshops on Thursday which are specifically targeted to playing levels, and you will need access to the Zoom meeting, we ask that you sign up for any Thursday workshops in advance. You can always change your mind later and just email me with changes.

Downloadable Schedules

Other tools: Under the Schedule Downloads (on the left) we have 2 downloadable file types to help you put your Somerset itinerary together. You can download an Excel file and then sort and filter this file any way you like: by day/time, by presenter, by workshop title. You choose. The PDF file is a static snapshot of our spreadsheet file that you can print, read and highlight offline.

How the Download Files are Sorted: These schedules will be completely updated by June 15 and will list when all the "live" workshops are. By the column heads, first by day, then by time period (the key is AM1= 9:30-11am, AM2=lunch period, PM1=1:30-3pm and PM2=3:30-5pm), then by title. Sorry about the key acronyms but that's really the only way I can see to sort the list and have it come out in the right sequence.

Focus Areas

Workshops are aggregated into some topic-specific Focus Area pages to make it easy for you find workshops to Narrow Your Focus. You'll find the Focus Areas on the left navigation bar under this Workshops tab. If you have Excel, the spreadsheet version of the workshop schedule will have columns for these topics so you can sort and filter by topic.

Workshop Guidelines

Levels: these are suggestions, not edicts. The presenter may have a target audience in mind but that doesn't mean you can't get in over your head. Likewise, something may be targeted to a Beginner, but if it's new to you and you're interested, take it!

Hands-on: Bring a harp! If you don't have a harp, you can still sit in on the workshop and learn something.

Lectures/Musical lectures/Demos: no harp needed. All lectures are open to registered non-harping companions.

Workshops Taught By Ear: Workshops that are being by ear are marked as such. This means that the presenter will not refer to sheet music but you can always download the workshop PDF on Somerset Online at any time. Because the workshops are recorded you can stop and start the video as many times as you like and keep reviewing sections until you feel comfortable to move on. You are encouraged, particularly if you do not usually learn by ear, and you want to develop this skill, not to use the sheet music as your ears will not be open if you're looking at music. If you learn primarily by reading music, these workshops might be challenging for you, but we encourage you to stick it out and try it.

Accessories: these are optional and suggestions from the presenter. Recording devices are permitted as noted, but these recordings are for your own personal use (in other words, no posting them on the internet).

Etiquette: updated with Zoom meeting Etiquette!

  • Arrive on time and be in tune and ready to go.
  • You are arriving in the Zoom room with your microphone muted and your Video on. You have the option to turn off your video. Do not unmute unless asked to do so by the presenter. If you've arrived early, however, and the workshop has not yet begun, feel free to unmute yourself and talk to others in the room.
  • If you arrive late, please do it without fanfare and especially do not unmute your microphone unless asked to by the presenter.
  • People can see you if the room is set up in Gallery mode. Please avoid having big visual distractions going on around you.
  • A chat window is provided for people to "converse" with each other during the workshop and also to ask questions of the presenter or the staff meeting moderator.
  • Use the Reactions button on the bottom Zoom control panel to signal a visual "thumbs up" or "clap" for the presenter.

Other Great Stuff

What else goes on at the festival besides Workshops? We have plenty of special events and "after-hours" evening activities. Explore the bottom of the navigation bar!


Workshop descriptions and schedules are subject to change. Always Refresh your browser when you come back to ensure you see the latest version of the page.