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Robbin Gordon-Cartier

Teachers' Symposium at Somerset

with Robbin Gordon-Cartier

We've asked Robbin back to offer a new Teacher Symposium, tailored to navigating today's challenging "pandemic"-created environment. This special all-day Thursday program is offered to any festival attendee who is considering becoming a harp teacher and likewise to those who've already been in the field and want to up their game and get some ideas for bettering their online teaching skills. There is no additional cost for the Symposium. It will be held "live" on Zoom, like all our other workshops during festival weeekend.

Share your day with other harp players and teachers in this collaborative and open discussion about teaching in the time of COVID. See the detailed itinerary below for the topics that will be covered.

Special Guest Panel:

teacher panelists

We have a number of well-known online course instructors at Somerset this year and they'll join Robbin for a free-wheeling panel to share their experiences for working online. They are Deborah Henson-Conant of the Hip Harp Academy, Shelley Fairplay of the Online Harp School, Chisty-Lyn Marais of Learning the Harp, and Dominique Dodge, who runs our own Youth Harp Program besides her own extensive online teaching studio. We hope these excellent teachers and presenters will have a lively give-and-take idea session.

Itinerary for the Teachers' Symposium at Somerset

Robbin Gordon-Cartier

Morning Agenda: 10am-12pm (all times approximate)

10:00-10:30am: Teacher Play In
10:30-11:30am: Develop Your Teaching Style – Part One

  • Discussions begin on identifying different styles of playing and the suitability of the style to the different genres.
  • Creating a musical individual education plan (IEP) as a guide.
  • Playing by ear, music reading skills and the Suzuki method will all be discussed as part of a comprehensive all-inclusive approach.
  • Creating a harp program in a school setting (private or public school)
  • Practical Examples of teaching methods and scenarios
  • Teachers will work in pairs developing lesson examples for teaching problems and situations that they will receive on cards.
  • Teachers present to groups after work period and then discussion on the pros and cons of solutions.

11:30am-12:00pm:    Develop Your Teaching Studio

  • Establishing guidelines for you and your students
  • Expanding your teaching base & networking to generate revenue
  • Managing the business and technology tools

Afternoon Agenda: 12-4:30pm (all times approximate)

Teaching in the Time of Covid

 Creating Opportunities Virtually - Inspiring Daily

12:15-12:45pm: Setting up your virtual studio  (Working Lunch)

  • Equipment
  • How do you stage your work area for the best camera view?
  • How do you teach your students to set up their practice area?
  • How do you remove and deal with distractions with set-up and Internet issues?

12:45-1:45pm:   The Ins and Outs of video conferencing teaching

  • Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, Google Meet and Webex 
  • Identifying the whole student's online learning style
  • Sharing the students work: Recitals, Play and Share Collaboration, Video Mash-ups

1:45-2pm: Break Time! Go out to the kitchen and make some coffee. Go for a quick walk!

2:00-4:00pm:  Panel on Remote Teaching and Creating your own path

Robbin moderates a panel with Deborah Henson-Conant, Shelley Fairplay, Christy-Lyn Marais and Dominique Dodge. They address the pros and cons of online lessons and issues associated with using this technology, both for the teacher and the student. Panel members share their process to creating their own path in small group break out rooms.

4-4:30pm: Final Q&A with panelists 


Cost & Registration

Teacher Symposium:: No added cost for this program. Just sign-up for a Limited-Time ticket (access ends July 31) or All-Access ticket (access ends Oct. 31). When you get your Registration Confirmation email, please reply to express your interest in attending this program.

Questions? Need more information?

Call or email Kathy DeAngelo at 856-795-7637.