Somerset Folk Harp Festival
Somerset Folk Harp Festival

What's Open to the Public

Our On-site Biggest & Best Harp Shopping on the East Coast is Cancelled Due to the Pandemic.

You can still enjoy a Virtual Walk through our Exhibit Hall from Past Years then visit our Virtual Vendor Booths

robbin gordon-cartierWanna Play Harp? Take Our I Always Wanted to Play the Harp Workshop below

I Always Wanted to Play the Harp!
with Robbin Gordon-Cartier

Have you ever said to yourself "I always wanted to play the harp"? Experience a harp first-hand, literally. We have a 45-minute workshop offered to any of our daily Visitors. Sure, you're coming for the day to check out the Exhibit Hall and maybe go to a concert, but this mini-workshop is intended as a "get acquaited" session. Robbin Gordon-Cartier is an experienced harper and teacher and she'll get your hands on a harp. There's nothing to be fear or feel self-conscious about. Learn how to make a "joyful noise". Ask questions. Get answers. After this workshop be sure to attend the daily "harp tasting" and be the judge on what kind of sound you like in a harp.

Take a Walk-through through the 2019 Exhibit Hall

build a harpBuild Your Own Harp from a Kit!

with Professor Dennis Waring

Come build a Waring Harp with Professor Dennis Waring. This is a 2-session workshop. You'll have an opportunity to build your own 19-string harp from the Waring Music harp kit, special discount rate of $125+$50 shipping if you pre-order.

See the Build a Harp Workshop videos on our Exhibitor Page. The first session is the construction of the harp frame & body and the second session is for stringing your instrument. Harp features: Strings and spacing meet modern standards. Encompases over a two-octave range, suitable for basic repertoire. Has 19 strings beginning with G below middle C. The high- grade corrugated cardboard sound box is extremely durable and when painted is resistant even to rain.
Contact Dennis before the festival with questions and to pay for your kit.



Exhibit Hall Hours:
Closed in 2020
Friday at 11am-7pm
Saturday 11am-6pm
Sunday at 12-3pm

Open to Non-Conference Public:

Admission $15/day
Buy Your Ticket
at the Door!
Advance tickets not required.

For Visitors:
I Always Wanted to
Play the Harp!

with Robbin

"This is the best harp festival."
Jakez Francois,
Camac harps.

"Thanks for working so hard to make this the best festival in the known universe!"
Amy Roberts,
Virginia Harp Center

"Somerset is one of our favorite conventions! Always fun!"
Melissa Irwin,
Rees Harps

"You put on too good of a party to miss!"
Sue Mooers,
Dusty Strings

"Somerset has the
biggest selection of harps in one place,"
Sharon Thormahlen,
Thormahlen Harps

"An exciting, enriching experience... I learned a great deal and met many wonderful people. Thanks for a world-class experience." --Marjorie