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Beginner's Boot CampWe'll have about 50 "Live" workshops and events during festival weekend. But don't worry if you miss one or there are 2 workshops on at the same time that you want to go to. We're recording them and will post them on the workshop pages on Somerset Online, soon after the festival. All of the "live" workshops will be held on Zoom. All times are noted in Eastern Time. Adjust for your time zone. This schedule was updated 3/31/21 and will likely not be revised again, but you never know, so before you solidify your workshop schedule based on these times, check back here and be sure to refresh this page to ensure that you're getting the latest information. When you're browsing through our other workshop pages, the "live" workshop will be marked by the Zoom icon to make them easy to spot.

Helpful Hints About Attending Zoom Workshops

Day/Time (ET zone) Workshop Presenter Level  
Thursday Thursday    
7/22/2021 10am-4:30pm Beautiful Breton melodies Tristan Le Govic Beg-Int.
7/22/2021 10am-4:30pm Beginners Boot Camp Debbie Brewin-Wilson Nov.-Beg
7/22/2021 10-11:30am Breaking Bad. Habits! Christy-Lyn Marais Any
7/22/2021 10-11:30am Just Joropo Edmar Castaneda Int.
7/22/2021 10am-4:30pm Teacher's Symposium Robbin Gordon-Cartier Any
7/22/2021 1-2:30pm Paraguayan Music Introduction Nicolas Carter Beg-Int
7/22/2021 1-2:30pm Practical Practice & Progress Christy-Lyn Marais Any
7/22/2021 1-2:30pm Reel Time in Ireland Laoise Kelly Int.
7/22/2021 1-2:30pm Youth Harp Program: Day 1 Meet & Greet Dominique Dodge Beg-Int
7/22/2021 3-4:30pm Latin Rhythms 101 Alfredo Ortiz Any
7/22/2021 3-4:30pm Mann Up Your Repertoire Rachel Hair Int.
7/22/2021 6pm Concert: Thursday Night Event Any
Friday Friday    
7/23/2021 10-11:30am Beginners Boost #1 Debbie Brewin-Wilson Nov.-Beg
7/23/2021 10-11:30am Crossing to Ireland William Jackson Int.
7/23/2021 10-11:30am Early Music Erik Ask-Upmark Any
7/23/2021 10-11:30am Jazzy Accompaniment for Traditional Music Tristan LeGovic Int-Adv
7/23/2021 10-11:30am Pop with Pizzazz Shelley Fairplay Int-Adv
7/23/2021 10-11:30am Wistful Waltzes Rachel Hair Beg-Int
7/23/2021 10am-2:30pm Youth Harp Program: Day 2 Dominique Dodge Beg-Int
7/23/2021 11:30am-12:15pm DIY harp maintenance 1: Knot Tying Liza Jensen Any
7/23/2021 1-2:30pm Beautiful Tone Sunita Staneslow Any
7/23/2021 1-2:30pm Brazilian Beats: Bossa Nova Edmar Castaneda Int-Adv
7/23/2021 1-2:30pm Easy Jazz Chords and Progressions Deborah Henson-Conant Int.
7/23/2021 1-2:30pm Feminist Harpists & Domestic Rebellion in 19th Century Ireland Nancy Hurrell Any
7/23/2021 1-2:30pm Scottish Gaelic Song Airs Mairi Chaimbeul Any
7/23/2021 1-2:30pm Therapeutic Harp--Modes for Moods Christina Tourin Any
7/23/2021 3-4:30pm Arranging Tips & Tricks, Next Level William Jackson Int.
7/23/2021 3-4:30pm Blues Beginnings Deborah Henson-Conant Any
7/23/2021 3-4:30pm Double-Strung "Ask Me Anything" Deette Bunn & Laurie Riley Any
7/23/2021 3-4:30pm Figuring Out Fingering Sylvia Woods Any
7/23/2021 3-4:30pm Gaelic Song & Harp Together Ann Heymann Any
7/23/2021 3-4:30pm Hawaiian Slack-key Music on Harp Philip Boulding Int.
7/23/2021 6pm Concert: Friday Night Event Any
7/23/2021 8:30pm Scottish Session: Friday Event Any
7/23/2021 8:30pm Somerset's Got Talent Event Any
Saturday Saturday    
7/24/2021 10-11:30am Beginners Boost #2 Debbie Brewin-Wilson Nov.-Beg
7/24/2021 10-11:30am Beyond Carolan: Ireland’s Other Harper/Composers Grainne Hambly Int.
7/24/2021 10-11:30am Jazzy Arpeggios Deborah Henson-Conant Int.
7/24/2021 10-11:30am Rhythm Made Easy! Shelley Fairplay Beg
7/24/2021 10-11:30am Swedish Folk Music 101 Erik Ask-Upmark Any
7/24/2021 10-11:30am We All Make Mistakes Sunita Staneslow Any
7/24/2021 10am-2:30pm Youth Harp Program: Day 3 Dominique Dodge Beg-Int
7/24/2021 1-2:30pm Wire-strung Harp Essentials Ann Heymann Any
7/24/2021 11:30am-12:15pm DIY harp maintenance 2: Tuning Liza Jensen Any
7/24/2021 1-2:30pm Christmas in July Philip Boulding Any
7/24/2021 1-2:30pm Gospels & Spirituals Robbin Gordon-Cartier Any
7/24/2021 1-2:30pm Irish Dance Tunes for Beginners Laoise Kelly Beg.
7/24/2021 1-2:30pm The "Ortiz" Squeeze Alfredo Ortiz Any
7/24/2021 1-2:30pm Song Groove Patterns Mairi Chaimbeul Int.
7/24/2021 3-4:30pm Advanced Technique Maeve Gilchrist Int-Adv
7/24/2021 3-4:30pm Celtic Circle Play-Along Christina Tourin Any
7/24/2021 3-4:30pm Early Irish harp intro & demo Karen Loomis Any
7/24/2021 3-4:30pm Latin Rhythms & Improvisation Edmar Castaneda Int-Adv
7/24/2021 3-4:30pm Other Music for Hospitals & Healing Alfredo Ortiz Any
7/24/2021 3-4:30pm Transposing Tips & Tricks Sylvia Woods Any
7/24/2021 6pm Concert: Saturday Night Event Any
7/24/2021 8:30pm Carolan Play-Along Event Any
Sunday Sunday    
7/25/2021 10-11:30am Improvise Your Way to a Composition Nicolas Carter Int.
7/25/2021 10-11:30am Latin Dance Rhythms: Salsa Edmar Castaneda Int.
7/25/2021 10-11:30am Mechanics of Arranging Maeve Gilchrist Int.
7/25/2021 10-11:30am Youth Harp Program: Day 4 Dominique Dodge Beg-Int
  Deep Into Double-Strung Sunday Add-on    
7/25/2021 1-5pm Deep into Double-strung: Sunday Add-on Deette Bunn Int.
Harpers' Escape Sunday Add-on    
7/25/2021 10am-5pm Harpers' Escape at Somerset (intermediate): Sunday Add-on William Jackson Int.
7/25/2021 10am-5pm Harpers' Escape at Somerset (advanced level): Sunday Add-on Grainne Hambly Adv.
7/25/2021 10am-5pm Harpers' Escape at Somerset (beginner group): Sunday Add-on Debbie Brewin-Wilson Beg.
Festival of Early Irish Harp Sunday Add-on    
7/25/2021 9-10am Irish Music Master Session Pádraic Keane Any
7/25/2021 10:30-11:45am Carolan’s rhythm: music of an earlier time Andrew Lawrence-King Any
7/25/2021 10:30-11:45am Eibhlín a Rún: learn to sing an 18th-century Irish harp song Eibhlís Ní Ríordáin Any
7/25/2021 10:30-11:45am Fixing the left hand fingers– Learning the first tune, Mailí Bhán Sylvia Crawford Any
7/25/2021 10:30-11:45am Would the real Danny Boy please stand up? Siobhan Armstrong Any
7/25/2021 12:15-1:15pm Old Irish harp repertory--how do we find it? Simon Chadwick Beg.
7/25/2021 12:15-1:15pm Harpmakers' Workshop: Historical Harpmaker's Perspective Natalie Surina Any
Play by the Numbers: Sunday Add-on    
7/25/2021 10am-5pm Play by the Numbers Deborah Henson-Conant Any


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