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There are many workshops that simply don't fit in the Hands-on category, which we include on this list. If you have a Non-Harping Companion attending our in-person festival 7/21-7/24 with a VIP ticket, these are the workshops that are open to them (plus concerts, of course, and the Exhibit Hall and other special events). Here are all the workshops that are not hands-on! Fascinating lectures, talks and demos from fascinating presenters. Participants will be able to ask questions during any of the "Live" in-person workshops when they happen during festival weekend (7/21-7/24) and Online-Only attendees will be able to use the Zoom chat window to capture your questions to the presenter. All of the "live" lectures will be recorded as they happen and will be available for later replay during the term of your subscription: All-Access (which runs from July 1 to October 31) or a Limited-Time (running from July 11-July 31). Archive Videos are only available to those who have purchased access that segment.

The Lectures/Demos Focus Area List is Below

Presentation Method Workshop Presenter Level  
Archive Ancient Harp of Scotland William Jackson Int.
Archive Beyond Carolan: Ireland’s Other Harper/Composers Grainne Hambly Int.
07/30/22 10-11:30am Black Death Tunes Erik Ask-Upmark Any
07/22/22 3-4:30pm Blind Harpers: who was Rory Dall? William Jackson Int.
07/22/22 1-2:30pm Carolan Challenge Grainne Hambly Int-Adv
Archive Carolan: His Life and Music Grainne Hambly Int.
Archive Chinese & Japanese Court Music Rediscovered Tomoko Sugawara Beg-Int
07/23/22 10-11:30am Discover the Neal Collection Grainne Hambly Int.
Archive Echoes from Antiquity Ann Heymann Any
Archive French Estampie Christa Patton Any
Archive Harp of Love and other songs from Colonial America Christa Patton Int.
07/30/22 1-2:30pm Harps and High Tech: unlocking the secrets of Ireland and Scotland's harps Karen Loomis Any
Archive Henry plays harp Christa Patton Any
Archive Historical Early Gaelic Harps: The Hollybrook Story Karen Loomis Any
Archive Historical Tour of the Early Gaelic Harps Karen Loomis Any
07/24/22 10-11:30am Hit the Road Jack and other Ground Basses from the 17th century Christa Patton Any
Archive Iberian Harp in 17th century Spain & the New World Christa Patton Any
Archive Ibero-Arabic Music in the Cantigas Tomoko Sugawara Any
Archive Irish dance music: Intro to Ornamentation & Arranging Grainne Hambly Int-Adv
Archive Make Me a Lyre! Nicolas Carter Any
07/23/22 10-11:30am Medieval Carols to Sing & Play Christa Patton Any
Archive Medieval Estampies Nancy Hurrell Int.
07/23/22 3-4:30pm Medievel Pilgrim Songs from Spain Christa Patton Int-Adv
07/23/22 1-2:30pm Origins of the Modern Celtic Harp: Finding Your Harp’s Roots Nancy Hurrell Any
07/22/22 1-2:30pm Playing Weddings: “Keep Calm and Carry on”! Nancy Hurrell Int.
07/22/22 3-4:30pm Renaissance Dance Class Nancy Hurrell Any
Archive Renaissance Harp Ensemble Nancy Hurrell Int.
07/21/22 3-4:30pm Renaissance Harp Ensemble Nancy Hurrell Int.
07/23/22 1-2:30pm Scotland's Simon Fraser Collection: Beauties of the North Rachel Hair Int-Adv
07/22/22 10-11:30am Spanish Dances from the 17th century Christa Patton Any
Archive Spanish Dances of the 17th century Christa Patton Int.
Archive Touching History: the harpers’ marks on the early Irish harps Karen Loomis Any

Updated 3/21/22
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