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Hollybrook Harp lectureWe have a huge emphasis this year on Historic Harp, thanks in part to our collaboration with the Historical Harp Society of Ireland to host the first day of their Festival of Early Irish Harp as a Sunday Add-on. Whether you want to take a trip to China and learn Ancient Chinese Music with Tomoko Sugawara or go to Ireland to learn about Feminist Harpers of the 19th century with Nancy Hurrell, we're covering many facets of early music and early harp. We've even finally added a workshop on playing the lyre! Workshops that are part of the Festival of Early Irish Harp, a Sunday Add-on, are marked with HHSI.

The Historic Harp list below is sorted alphabetically by title and we've marked how the workshop is presented: whether it's Live on Zoom during festival weekend or whether it's a Video (from 2021) or in our Archive (2020). We'll have about 50 "Live" workshops and events during festival weekend so don't worry if you miss one or there are 2 workshops on at the same time that you want to go to. We're recording them and will post them on the workshop pages on Somerset Online, soon after the festival. All of the "live" workshops will be held on Zoom. All times are noted in Eastern Time. Adjust for your time zone. If the workshop is marked as "Archive" you have to have bought access to this content. You can add Archive access before the festival. You can also add the Festival of Early Irish Harp, either the Sunday or the entire 5-day festival at a discount, at any time.

Day/Time (ET zone) Workshop Presenter Level  
Video Ancient Chinese Music Revived! Tomoko Sugawara Beg-Int  
Archive Ancient Harp of Scotland William Jackson Int.  
Zoom 07/24/21 10-11:30am Beyond Carolan: Ireland’s Other Harper/Composers Grainne Hambly Int.  
Video Can we recreate the music of the old Irish harpers? Siobhan Armstrong Any HHSI
Archive Carolan: His Life and Music Grainne Hambly Int.  
Zoom 07/25/21 10:30-11:45am Carolan’s rhythm: music of an earlier time Andrew Lawrence-King HHSI
Archive Chinese & Japanese Court Music Rediscovered Tomoko Sugawara Beg-Int  
Video 07/25/21 Concert: Carolan’s 350th Birthday Event HHSI
Video 07/25/21 Concert: Master Soloists of Irish Music, Historical Harp Society of Ireland Event HHSI
Zoom 07/24/21 3-4:30pm Early Irish harp intro & demo Karen Loomis Any  
Zoom 07/23/21 10-11:30am Early Music Erik Ask-Upmark Any  
Video Echoes from Antiquity Ann Heymann Any  
Zoom 07/25/21 10:30-11:45am Eibhlín a Rún: learn to sing an 18th-century Irish harp song Eibhlís Ní Ríordáin HHSI
Zoom 07/23/21 1-2:30pm Feminist Harpists & Domestic Rebellion in 19th Century Ireland Nancy Hurrell Any  
Zoom 07/25/21 10:30-11:45am Fixing the left hand fingers– Learning the first tune, Mailí Bhán Sylvia Crawford HHSI
Archive French Estampie Christa Patton Any  
Video Gaelic Harps & Artistic Research Ann Heymann Any  
Video Harp of Love and other songs from Colonial America Christa Patton Int.  
Zoom 07/25/21 12:15-1:15pm Harpmakers' Workshop: Historical Harpmaker's Perspective Natalie Surina Any HHSI
Archive Henry plays harp Christa Patton Any  
Video Here's Your Harp. What's Your Hurry? Christa Patton Any  
Video Hildegard’s 12th Century “Ordo Virtutum” Nancy Hurrell Any  
Video Historical Accompaniment: What did the lower hand play? Siobhan Armstrong Any HHSI
Archive Historical Early Gaelic Harps: The Hollybrook Story Karen Loomis Any  
Archive Historical Tour of the Early Gaelic Harps Karen Loomis Any  
Video Iberian Harp in 17th century Spain & the New World Christa Patton Any  
Video Ibero-Arabic Music in the Cantigas Tomoko Sugawara Any  
Archive Irish dance music: Intro to Ornamentation & Arranging Grainne Hambly Int-Adv  
Zoom 07/25/21 9am-10am Irish Music Master Session Padraic Keane HHSI
Video Japanese Folk Songs on Family Tomoko Sugawara Beg-Int  
Video Make Me a Lyre! Nicolas Carter Any  
Video Medieval Estampies Nancy Hurrell Int.  
Video Old Irish and Scottish harp traditions: general introduction Simon Chadwick HHSI
Zoom 07/25/21 12:15-1:15pm Old Irish harp repertory--how do we find it? Simon Chadwick Any HHSI
Video Queen of Music: Early Irish Harp Karen Loomis Any  
Video Renaissance Harp Ensemble Nancy Hurrell Int.  
Archive Spanish Dances of the 17th century Christa Patton Int.  
Video Touching History: the harpers’ marks on the early Irish harps Karen Loomis Any  
Video Understanding old Irish harp fingering Sylvia Crawford Any HHSI
Zoom 07/24/21 1-2:30pm Wire-strung Harp Essentials Ann Heymann Any  
Zoom 07/25/21 10:30-11:45am Would the real Danny Boy please stand up? Siobhan Armstrong Any HHSI


Updated 4/26/21
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