Somerset Folk Harp Festival
Somerset Folk Harp Festival

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Great Stuff & "After Hours" Events will be "Live" Online

somersetsgottalentFriday Night after the Concert: Somerset's Got Talent! NEW EARLIER START TIME AT 8:30PM

Friends Playing for Friends

Join us for a relaxed coffeehouse-type get-together online where you can listen and enjoy the music, or other talents, of your Somerset friends. You'll be at home this year and we'll be Online "live." We'll have a Zoom room set up and our emcee will call on participants to "unmute" and play for everyone. Tune in to listen or play. Those who would like to play, sing or dance or do their comedy routine, will be asked to show up a little early to get on our roll-call list. We'll have an Emcee handy to keep things moving along. This has been a very popular event for the past 5 years. We'll provide a link to the interactive online meeting on our Somerset Online platform. If you're signed up for the festival it'll be on the Live Events page. Here are some pix of the talent on stage in the past:

talent show

jen narkevicius Friday Night after the Concert: Scottish Session Play-along at 8:30pm

Join Donna Bennett & Jen Narkevicius

Friends Playing with Friends

If traditional Scottish music is your thing, be a friend to the Scottish Harp Society of America and join Donna and Jen for some rollicking reels, lively strathspeys, lilting jigs and maybe a few songs. Bring your harp or other musically appropriate instruments for this open session on Zoom. Listeners are also welcome. There will be a link for the online Zoom meet-up location on our Live Events page on Somerset Online.

Saturday Night after the concert: Carolan Marathon Play-along at the NEW EARLIER start-time of 8:30pm

irish sessionWe're celebrating Turlough O'Carolan's 350th birthday this year by bringing back the popular Carolan Marathon from a few years ago for this special "after hours" play-in of the Bard's popular compositions. Join festival director Kathy DeAngelo and Grainne Hambly and a whole host of the festival's artists. No special preparation needed to come to this event, just your love of the music of one of Ireland's most famous composers. Here's the "starter" list of tunes we're sure to play, if you want to start learning them. If there's one tune you definitely want to know, it's Fanny Power. There will be a link to the Zoom meeting space on Somerset Online.

Other musically-appropriate instruments, besides harps, are definitely encouraged. Players and listeners alike are welcome.
When you're signed on to Somerset Online, go to our Live Events page to gain access to our Zoom room.



banquet Saturday Banquet: 5:30-7pm. CANCELLED

Join Your Friends & Colleagues at a sumptuous meal catered just for the Somerset harp community. Stop. Relax. Connect with old friends and get to know the new friends you've made. We'll have tables that will be hosted by popular presenters and performers. Check out our vegetarian-friendly menu.
Tickets $50: must be purchased in advance. Check-off the Banquet option on the registration form. If registered already and you want to get a ticket, you can call Kathy at 856-795-7637 to order.

Live Harp Music with
Shyamali Hauth

Jams: every night following the concert: WANT TO MEET UP WITH FRIENDS DURING SOMERSET ONLINE?

It's really not possible for everyone to play together at the same time online. But if you want to host a Play-along during the festival and meet-up with friends from your harp circle or others on a particular theme--whatever--you decide--just email Kathy. You can either use your own Zoom account to set up the meeting or use one of ours. We will list your meet-up on our Live Events page so that like-minded people can join you.

Getting Private Lessons

Many of our attendees would like to get in some private lesson time with their favorite presenters while they are at the festival. The cost is $100/hour and is paid directly to the artist at the time of the lesson. Lesson time/availability is strictly at the discretion of the artist. Put in a request by emailing Kathy with the name of the presenter and she will forward all requests.


If you are flying or coming by train to the festival and can't bring a harp, we will have a small pool of loaner harps available. Please indicate your need for a loaner harp on the Registration Form or email us. Deadline for asking for a loaner harp: May 1 (the early-bird deadline). Sorry, but we cannot guarantee what make/model or anything specific about the loaner harp you'll get. We try to accommodate everyone's needs but it's nearly impossible given the demand. Please don't ask me for a loaner harp just because it's more convenient than bringing yours. When you check-in at the festival, ask for your loaner harp and we'll get you to the pick-up point. In most instances, you keep the harp all weekend.

Want to make a harp available? If you would like to share your harp with a harp-less attendee, come to the Registration Desk and let us know what workshop period you won't need your harp and we'll arrange a hand-off time. If you have an extra smaller harp you can bring with you to the festival to loan out, you have my undying gratitude and you can email me and let me know I have another one to make available to a needy harper.

What's this? You can temporarily park your harp in our Harp Park, located in the Exhibit Hall, while you have a meal or go shopping in the Exhibit Hall. Space is limited so if you are a hotel guest and don't need your harp for an extended period of time, please park your harp in your hotel room. We do have harpers coming for the day who don't have that option. Harp Parking hours: 9am-7pm Friday & Saturday, Sunday 11am-3pm (no overnights!). You must pick up your harp before the evening concert. There is no Harp Parking on Thursday!

If you find a mistake in any of these schedules pages please let me know!


Updated 6/15/2020
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