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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about the Festival

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Having been completely ONLINE for 2 years due to the pandemic, our old FAQ seems so quaint, like an antique. Based on the issues and questions we had with the rollout of Somerset Online in July 2020 this updated FAQ addresses everything I've gotten email about and constant questions. If you have questions that I'm not answering here, please feel free to email our somersethelpdesk to pose your question, and it just might end up on this list! Let me address the most common question I get, which is about subscription levels and terms: All-Access (which can be either the VIP ticket or the Online Only option) runs from July 1 to October 31, and Limited-Time runs from July 11-July 31. Archive Videos are only available to those who have purchased access that segment. To view other details about what you can register for, click here. I updated this list to include questions regarding Food at the Festival!

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Your hotel accommodations are the only thing included in your Sheraton reservation. Your registration fee with the festival covers your admission to workshops, concerts, and all the events we've listed, including the Exhibit Hall. It does not cover any meals.

Your hotel accommodation does not cover any meals. However you can purchase food on-site & have meals at the Amuse restaurant. Other options: The hotel does a Grab & Go station for lunch with assorted salads, sandwiches & wraps, fruit, drinks and other quick-grab items. you can purchase as See the menu and meal plan options below and pay in advance for your tickets (your meal tickets will be with your badge when you sign-in on-site at the festival).

  • Breakfast: Friday, Saturday, Sunday
    • Coffee/tea
    • Bagel
    • Oatmeal / Cold Cereal
    • Fresh fruit
  • Dinners: Thursday, Friday, Saturday
    • Thursday: Caesar salad, Lemon pepper tilapia, Spanish rice, Vegetables, Brownie, Coffee/tea/cold beverage
    • Friday: Mix green salad bar (tomatoes, carrots, onion, and croutons 2 types of dressing), Roasted chicken 1/8ths, Penne tomato cream, Vegetables, Cookies, Coffee/tea/cold beverage
    • Saturday: Chopped salad (with cucumber, tomato and carrots & assorted dressing), Grilled Chicken breast in natual jus, Roasted potatoes, Steamed seasonal vegetables, lemon cake bar, Coffee/tea/cold beverage

There are 3 options on the pulldown menu below.

Meal Ticket Options
Email on your account
you're running to the Harp Tasting, Lunchtime concert or just want to have lunch with your friends. In 2022, we are offering a meal plan. with the following menus for Breakfast and Dinners:

"Live" Workshops are about 90 minutes. For other details about how we organize the workshops, click here.

We will email each subscriber their official login packet the day before their subscription begins. You'll get all the information you need to log into We clear our database for Somerset Online and reload the current year's subscriber information. Your ID/login from a previous year will not work! All-Access subscribers can begin to access on July 1. Limited-Time subscribers start their subscription on July 11. Bear in mind that the "live" workshops are held in real-time and don't begin until July 21. Here's the full list of Zoom & On-Site workshops.

Access to the Archive videos (if you purchased that option) is tied to your subscription. All-Access subscribers can begin to access on July 1. Limited-Time subscribers start their subscription on July 11. You can add the Archive to your subscription at any time. Go here to do that.

Yes! Of course you can. Smart choice. By upgrading your subscription you'll have your access extended from July 31 to October 31--3 more months to take all those workshops! Click here to upgrade.

If you're reading this you already have the basics for doing the festival online: an internet connection and a browser. If you already view YouTube videos, you'll have no trouble with our online portal. You can download the Zoom app in advance of the festival if you intend to go to any of the "live" workshops on festival weekend. If you want to look at any of the 100+ videos we have online, you don't need anything but your browser. If you don't already have a set, we advise getting headphones for both Zoom and to view the videos--the sound will be so much clearer than what you're going to get out of your tiny computer speakers. That's about it though.

Yes, yes, yes! Call it one of the many lessons learned in the first year of trying to do anything technically challenging. I won't bore you with the long, gory story but suffice to say, we did get everybody online pretty quickly in 2021 with fewer hiccups. It is imperative though, that we have your correct email address--if you have multiple email addresses, we're going to use the one you typed in when you paid for your subscription.

Neither you nor I own these workshop videos. They belong to the presenter who produced them. You get the use of them until the end of your subscription term. That's it. Just consider this: if you had come to any in-person festival before this, you would have walked out of the workshop with the handout and any personal audio recording you made. That would have been it. Yes, lots of stuff on the internet is free but artists have to earn a living from their work and giving it away is not going to help them. You get more than the length of the festival weekend to replay and retake these workshops on video. Do the work. Learn the material. Take notes the old fashioned way if you have to.

If you're asking this question before July 1, that's because your subscription hasn't yet started! Your subscription is tied to the email address you gave when you signed up and that's tied to a start date: All-Access begin July 1 and Limited-Time begins July 11. If this is a first-time login issue, please recheck the email we sent you on the start date of your subscription. You didn't get the email? Please check your spam folder. Gmail users should check their Promotions or Social folders for our email--that's where it usually ends up. You can email our somersethelpdesk to let us know you have an issue and we'll try to work it out!

Yes, Yes, Yes! If you bought a VIP ticket and have changed your mind and won't be able to attend in person, you can email me to convert it to an Online Only ticket. If you got an Online Only ticket and want to make the trip to Parsippany, we're glad to have you if you are vaccinated and we still have the space. Email me to inquire about making the change. We also have a very generous CANCELLATION policy. You can get a full refund (less credit card fees if applicable) any time up to June 1 or a full credit for the following year. After June 1 full credit on the following year only.

Updated 5/17/22 Workshop descriptions and schedules are subject to change. Refresh your browser to make sure you have the latest version of this page.