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Harpers' Escape on Somerset Online All-Day Sunday!

escape online

All Day Sunday with Grainne Hambly, William Jackson & Debbie Brewin-Wilson

Build Your Repertoire: Learn It & Play It By Ear

In-Depth Reinforced Learning

Workshop Groups:
Advanced Level with Grainne Hambly
Intermediate Level with William Jackson
Beginner Level with Debbie Brewin-Wilson

For 24 magical Octobers, Kathy DeAngelo and You Gotta Have Harp organized the Harpers' Escape Weekend and brought together harpers from all over the country who wanted to share music in an intimate setting and learn and play traditional Irish and Scottish music by ear. The 2016 Escape was the last Fall retreat and sold out quickly but by popular request Somerset has been hosting a 1-day Harpers' Escape on Sunday with 3 of the Escape's long-time popular presenters ever since. This is a Somerset "extra" that you'll need to sign-up for in advance and add to your registration.

What distinguishes the Harpers' Escape approach from your usual workshop format? The goal is to really learn the piece before you leave! How? Guidance. Modeling. Repetition. You will have the music so well embedded in your ears and in your hands by the time you're done. Sure, you'll get the sheet music afterwards, but that's essentially an off-line memory jog, just in case. You will have a firm grasp on what you're being taught. You'll also feel more comfortable playing it with others. NEW! (4/22/2020) The Escape is moving to Somerset Online and will be conducted "live" via Zoom and recorded so that after the Escape you'll be able to refer back to the video version of the workshop until December 31.

Warm-up to Somerset

zoomWe're hosting an interactive Harpers' Escape Play-along Mondays at 4pm ET from April 27 through June on Zoom, check-in anytime from 3:45 on. If you don't have Zoom, you can load it right then or just click on the "Start from your Browser" link.

We have moved this Play-Along and notifications for it to a private googlegroup. If you want to join that list, email me, and put Play-along in the Subject line.


Find Out Why the Escape Motto is "Harp Till You Drop!"

3 Different Tracks with 3 Different Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Each registrant will get advance access to a Download page with the tunes that will be taught. Just listen to the tunes in preparation for learning the tunes!
Afternoon Workshops with your "group"

Teachers Concert

The "Use it or Lose It" Evening session (modified due to everyone being on Zoom)

What to Wear: Please dress comfortably and come ready to play.
What to Bring:
Recording device if you want to but no music stand needed! These sessions will be recorded and available at a later date too.
How do I Attend? Registrants will receive an email invitation to the Zoom meeting room that will admit you. Make sure you're in a comfortable space at home!

We have updated this schedule since going Online and we have West Coast folks joining us!

10-11:15am: Session 1 with breaks

Everybody learns the same "Group" tune at whatever level they're at. You learn by doing and repetition!

Noon: Somerset Concert & Lunch Break

12-1pm Lunch Break

Go to the kitchen and grab your lunch. We're going to leave the Zoom Meeting open so that folks can come back to the meeting, have lunch together and chat.

1-2:30pm: Session 2

Each instructor picks different tunes for the second workshop with their group, adapting arranging and accompaniment to suit their class. Everyone will get access to the download page so they can download and listen to the tunes in advance of the weekend. The Beginners tune will be a popular "group" tune from a previous Harper's Escape and will be selected from one of the 3 Harpers' Escape music books (though no need to prepare anything in advance!)

3-4:15pm: Session 3

Grainne and Billy will teach different tunes for the third workshop with their group, adapting arranging and accompaniment to suit their class. The Beginners with Debbie will continue to work on the "group" tune as well as their second tune while they are building on the Basics.

4:30-5:30pm: Teacher's Concert

Relax and enjoy a concert with Debbie, Grainne & Billy and Kathy DeAngelo, up close and personal.

6pm-7pm: Use It or Lose It session

All the groups are in the same "meeting room" and play along on all the tunes they learned! Being "live" on Zoom means that actually playing "together" with everybody being able to hear each other is just not possible. Focus on just the melody or on left-hand accompaniment or do both. It's up to you. Each group will play their "new" tune. Those more comfortable reading the sheet-music can of course be doing that! The Harpers' Circle continues with other each participant sharing or suggesting a tune if they want to. Play it if you know it. Since Grainne & Billy are in Ireland, this session will be lead by Debbie and Kathy.

Cost & Registration

Harpers' Escape at Somerset: Only $100 if you add it to your full festival registration before June 30. You must sign-up in advance for this event. REGISTRATION FOR THIS EVENT IS NOW CLOSED.

Location & Hotel cancelled

Questions? Need more information?

Call or email Kathy DeAngelo at 856-795-7637.

another ten years

See photos of Past Harpers' Escapes

Check out Harpers' Escape Books & CDs



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Get a booth or table at the festival. Call Kathy 856-795-7637.
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