Somerset Harp Festival Online

Download Listings & Schedule

You can download an Excel file and then sort and filter this file any way you like: by day/time, by presenter, by workshop title. Please note the Method field where Z=Live, V=Video, A=Archive. You choose. The PDF file is a static snapshot of our spreadsheet file that you can print, read and highlight offline.

How the Download Files are Sorted:  Because half of our content is online videos that you can view anytime, we've pre-sorted the files here aphabetically by Presenter, since the actual date of the workshops is only relevant for the workshops In-Person and on Zoom (Method field=z). There is a Method field which marks the type of workshop: A for Archive, V for video, or Z for Zoom (which means it's also "live" on-site). To just find the "live" workshops, for example, we suggest filtering on the Method field for Z.

Focus Areas
Workshops are aggregated into some topic-specific Focus Area pages to make it easy for you find workshops to Narrow Your Focus. There are 2 fields called Focus1 and Focus2. In the Excel file you can filter these columns to just see workshops on that particular topic. On our website here, you'll find the Focus Areas on the pulldown menu bar under this Workshops tab.

Workshop Guidelines for Playing Levels: Anywhere you see levels mentioned on Workshop listings, these are suggestions, not edicts. The presenter may have a target audience in mind but that doesn't mean you can't get in over your head. Likewise, something may be targeted to a Beginner, but if it's new to you and you're interested, take it! With Somerset Online, since everything is recorded and will be on video, you can rewind, replay and go over and over parts of a workshop to your heart's content. You have control over your learning speed in a video workshop.

How frequently are these updated?

Not very frequently. These files can sometimes be updated in minor ways. Occasionally a presenter will want to completely change a workshop, but that doesn't happen very often. Our "live" schedule In-Person and on Zoom is pretty well set and will probably not change very much. Any changes to the dates of live workshops will be reflected in these files when we make them. Always check the head row of the file for the last time the file was updated.