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Deep into Double-Strung Sunday Add-On

with Laurie Riley

An Immersion into the unique character of the Double-Strung Harp

laurie riley

About Laurie Riley

Laurie took up the harp in 1981, adding it to her instrument repertoire for performance. She had been playing folk music in a music career that began with guitar, dulcimer, banjo, and bodhran. By 1990 Laurie began looking for ways to augment what she wanted to do on harp and explored Welsh triple harp techniques but couldn't get the sound she wanted. She met Liz Cifani (who sometimes played two harps at once) and they came up with the idea of two rows of strings with levers on each side to achieve the music they wanted to play. They approached Triplett and Stoney End to protoype it and the contemporary double-strung harp was born. It's been her main instrument ever since and Laurie is recognized as being a leading player. Harp music in a hospital was unheard of in 1991 when Laurie says she "became curious about the effects of music in medical settings" as she played for her own father in an ICU. This was the beginning of the nascent therapeutic harp movement. She was a co-founder of the Music for Healing and Transition Program in 1992 and a charter member of the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Music. In 2002, in recognition of the need for home study, Laurie created the Clinical Musicians’ Home Study Certification Course, now known as Harp for Healing. She continues to actively work in this field. Laurie was the recipient of our Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.

The Itinerary for our Double-strung Sunday Add-on

Your afternoon with Laurie Riley will be "live on Zoom". This workshop will be recorded and available for replay later to just workshop participants. PDF handouts will be available for download prior to the workshop. Though we are video recording this workshop, participants are welcome to use their own devices to record for their personal use.

1-2:15: Rearranging Your Single-Course Tunes for Double-Strung Harp
Although the double strung harp can be played just like a single, what makes it so special is that a few easy strategies can make it sound like two harps being played at once. We will explore how to make your single-course tunes into double-strung tunes using overlapping hands, echoing, doubling ornaments, and more. No transcribing necessary!

2:45-4pm: Setting Levers for Double-strung Accidentals and Tunings
How do you use the levers on the side you can't see? Can you flip them while playing? Can you set them in advance? Can you play in two different keys? We will explore the many ways levers can enhance the versatility of your double-strung harp.

4:30-5pm Teacher's Concert: Relax and enjoy a YouTube premier concert with Laurie.

Cost & Registration

Deep Into Double-Strung with Laurie Riley: Only $100 if you add it to your Somerset subscription before June 30. You must sign-up in advance for this event.

Questions? Need more information?

Call or email Kathy DeAngelo at 856-795-7637.

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