Somerset Folk Harp Festival
Somerset Folk Harp Festival


"This year you are bringing Somerset to the world, instead of bringing the world to Somerset. Thank you for finding a new way forward" --Linda
"It is a wonderful way for us to be a part of what my harp friends and I consider to be the biggest and best harp festival in the United States."


2020 staff

My fabulous staff: (top row) Kim Adamson, Patch Glennan; (middle) Kathy DeAngelo, Laura Enuco; (bottom) Maureen Buscareno, Dennis Gormley

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Going into our "live" festival we had 50 pre-recorded workshop videos. We had 50 live online, real-time workshops and events which were recorded and are now in our library of great workshops.

No matter where you are in the world or what your playing level, there's something for everyone on our new online platform Somerset Online. We're going to stay connected again in summer 2021 with our new online festival portal. We have plenty of music genre workshops from the Blues to Scandinavian music on all kinds of harps: single row harps, double-strung harps, cross-strung harps, historic harps, small harps. We will have 30+ Presenters, Over 100 Workshops and an Archive of our best 2020 workshops videos available to our attendees.