Somerset Folk Harp Festival
Somerset Folk Harp Festival

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Due to the trajectory of the pandemic, our 21st Year will be completely ONLINE. 2nd Great Year coming up for Somerset Online. Our "live" festival takes place July 22-25, 2021. Our website relaunches with our 2021 program on January 1.

"This year you are bringing Somerset to the world, instead of bringing the world to Somerset. Thank you for finding a new way forward" --Linda
"It is a wonderful way for us to be a part of what my harp friends and I consider to be the biggest and best harp festival in the United States."


2020 staff

My fabulous staff: (top row) Kim Adamson, Patch Glennan; (middle) Kathy DeAngelo, Laura Enuco; (bottom) Maureen Buscareno, Dennis Gormley

online logo

Going into our "live" festival we had 50 pre-recorded workshop videos. We had 50 live online, real-time workshops and events which were recorded and are now in our library of great workshops.

No matter where you are in the world or what your playing level, there's something for everyone on our new online platform Somerset Online. We're going to stay connected again in summer 2021 with our new online festival portal. We have plenty of music genre workshops from the Blues to Scandinavian music on all kinds of harps: single row harps, double-strung harps, cross-strung harps, historic harps, small harps. We will have 30+ Presenters, Over 100 Workshops and an Archive of our best 2020 workshops videos available to our attendees.


Scenes from our 2020 Zoomerset Weekend!

sunita staneslow

Sunita Staneslow taught her Arpeggio Diversity workshop from the Shetland Islands.

Billy Jackson

Billy Jackson taught the Harpers Escape from his home in County Mayo, Ireland.

christa Patton

Christa Patton in a gallery view of her workshop on 17th Century Spanish Dances

concert scene

Artists performed from all over the world in our Concerts. Here's Kim Robertson on the deck of her Wisconsin home.

What People Say About Us

"This is the best harp festival"--Jakez Francois, head of Camac Harps

"Dear Kathy and all of your harp elves: Bill and I are very thankful to all of you. Your tireless hard work in making the festival is really an effort beyond belief. The festival has added a dimension to our marriage that I never expected. It has given us one more thing that is wonderful to share and you have made that possible. "

"It was so wonderful and I could not forget it! Great teachers, well organized, easy to move around with the harp... It was amazing for me. I told many friends in Japan about your wonderful festival."--Kumi, from Japan

"As this was my first festival, I was literally blown away by everything! Every person I encountered was welcoming, the festival was impeccably organized, and being around so much talent was not only inspiring, but truly an honor. I am really looking forward to attending next year's festival! "--Kate

"The festival was one of the most efficiently run events I have ever attended. My husband had a great time and said he wouldn't want to miss it. Thank you for everything you do to make this happen." --Maryann

"I loved the festival last summer and thought it was beautifully organized and had no complaints at all. I was very impressed. " --Frances

"Dear Kathy, I keep thinking that I have learned so much at Somerset already that it would not matter if I skip a year or two. That never happens. You have put together a great line-up (as usual). You have outdone yourself!" --Marie

"I appreciate the opportunities provided to be exposed to various ethnic music genres."