Somerset Folk Harp Festival 2020 Early-Bird REGISTRATION FORM
Fill-in for online payment or print out mail with payment to:
Kathy DeAngelo at 11 Country Lane, Voorhees, NJ 08043.
Make check payable to Somerset Folk Harp Festival or fill in the credit card
information below to charge it. Phone/fax: 856-795-7637


Your Name:

    Alumna New to festival











Full festival (Early bird discount deadline is MAY 1) July 16-19, 2020



include Sunday Add-on: Double-strung Deep Dive



include Sunday Add-on: Harpers' Escape at Somerset



include Sunday Add-on: Lead Sheet Boot Camp with DHC


Advance registration full festival May 2 - July 11: $450    

Non-harping companion: Admittance to concerts, Exhibit Hall, workshops as noted in our program. +100

This option only available with one full registration purchase.

Companion's Name:


Single-Day(s) Options (check as many as you want) EARLY BIRD DAILY RATE

Thursday @ $150

Non-harping companion:

Friday @ $150

Friday @ $45

Saturday @ $150

Saturday @ $45

Sunday AM @ $75 (1 workshop)

Sunday on-site sign-up only

Advance Registration (May 2-July 11) will be $165/day  On-site: $180/day


Sunday Standalone: Double-strung Deep Dive $150

Sunday Standalone: Harpers' Escape at Somerset $150

Sunday Standalone: Lead Sheet Boot Camp with Deborah Henson-Conant $150

Saturday night banquet ticket:    Quantity:

$50 each

Extra concert tickets (for non-festival attendees) Quantity: $25 each

Check day & quantity: Thursday; Friday; Saturday






Choose your Thurs. Workshops (no additional cost but advance sign-up required, must be registered for this day)

Beginner Boot Camp Celtic Kickoff Latin Harp Immersion Small Harp track Youth Harp

Youth Harp Program with Dominique Dodge
Loaner Harp No cost for plane or train travelers. Available on a first-come basis. Deadline is May 1.

Cancellation Policy: $150 charge for refunds before June 1 or full credit toward 2021 festival. No refunds after July 8. Cancellations June 1- July 8 get credit toward the 2021 festival only.

Please Check that You Have Read Our Cancellation Policy.