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What's Open to the Public

Exhibit Hall Hours: The Biggest, Most Extensive Harp Shopping Opportunity on the East Coast

Friday at 11am-7pm
Saturday 11am-6pm
Sunday 12-3pm

Visitor Ticket: $15/per day

purchase your ticket at the door

Interested in Playing Harp? Suggested itinerary:

all this included in your $15 visitor ticket!

Build Your Own Harp: Sat. 9am & 1:30pm

build a harpFor Visitors:
Build Your Own Harp from a Kit!
with Professor Dennis Waring

When: Saturday 9am & 1:30pm
Buy Your Visitor Ticket at the Festival Registration Desk & Come On In!
Come build a Waring Harp with Professor Dennis Waring. This is a 2-session workshop. You'll have an opportunity to build your own 19-string harp from the Waring Music harp kit, special discount rate of $125 only at the festival. All materials and tools are provided. The first session is the construction of the harp frame & body and the second session is for stringing your instrument. Harp features: Strings and spacing meet modern standards. Encompases over a two-octave range, suitable for basic repertoire. Has 19 strings beginning with G below middle C. The high- grade corrugated cardboard sound box is extremely durable and when painted is resistant even to rain.
Non-conference participants can buy their kit on the day of the workshop. Class limited to the first 12 people. Contact Dennis with questions and to assure your kit and space.

What it's like to Build a Harp: See our Facebook Live Video from 2017

I Always Wanted to Play the Harp: Fri. & Sat. 10am

For Visitors: with Robbin Gordon-Cartier & Karen Peterson

When: Friday & Saturday mornings at 10am
Buy Your Visitor Ticket at the Festival Registration Desk & Come On In!

Have you ever said to yourself "I always wanted to play the harp"? Experience a harp first-hand, literally. We have a 45-minute workshop offered to any of our daily Visitors. Sure, you're coming for the day to check out the Exhibit Hall and maybe go to a concert, but this mini-workshop is intended as a "get acquainted" session--just you, a great instructor who is an experienced harper, and your hands on a harp. There's nothing to be fear or feel self-conscious about. learn how to make a "joyful noise". Ask questions. Get answers. After this workshop be sure to attend the daily "harp tasting" and be the judge on what kind of sound you like in a harp.


Friday at 11:30am
Saturday at 11:30am

11:30am-12:15pm: Bedside Harp Harp Ensemble under the direction of Norine Stewart

12:15-1pm: Cicely Tyson Harp Ensemble under the direction of Robbin Gordon-Cartier

Harp Tasting: Open to Visitors Fri. & Sat.

What's a Harp Tasting?

Open to festival registrants, non-harping companions & Visitors
It is a blind testing that allows the audience to hear and compare the sounds of several harps without knowing their brand. The tasting is conducted in the concert hall behind the stage curtain and the same piece is played on each harp. Audience members are given evaluation sheets which they can use strictly for their own purposes. There are "no winners" at a harp tasting since every musician has different criteria by which they judge and everyone has their own likes and dislikes. There will be tasting for small harps - 29 strings and fewer, and over 29 strings. Depending on interest, there may also be a testing of other harps.

Small Harp Tasting: Friday at noon
Large Harp Tasting: Saturday at noon

Concert Tickets Available to the Public!
There is a very limited supply of evening concert tickets that are available to the public. We seldom sell concert tickets at the door. No tickets are available for Thursday night.

Friday & Saturday Tickets

Concert Roster for Friday: Nancy Hurrell, Rhett Barnwell, Rachel Hair, Maeve Gilchrist & Keith Murphy; Saturday night is Kim Robertson, Patrice Fisher & Arpa Quartet, Nikolaz Cadoret, Grainne Hambly & William Jackson

Bring your receipt confirmation as your ticket. Specify the quantity on the menu, then add the day in the text window (e.g.: 1/Fri, 1/Sat.)

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Sunday at 11am: included in a Visitor Ticket

Somerset Youth Harp Ensemble
directed by Dominique Dodge

Dominique Dodge

Robbin Gordon-Cartier


Exhibit Hall from 12-3pm



Updated 6/18/18
Workshop descriptions and schedules are subject to change