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Carol Kappus

carol kappusCarol Kappus has been thoroughly immersed in harp and all things Scottish for a long time. She has studied Scots Gaelic at the Atlantic Gaelic Academy and Sabhal Mòr Ostaig on the Isle of Skye in Scotland in addition to winning several Scottish Harp Society of America and Scottish Mòd harp competitions. You've probably read her many articles and seen her music arrangements in the Folk Harp Journal. She lives and gigs in Michigan, where she also teaches harp. She has a number of published music collections with traditional Scottish music and her own compositions as well as tunes for download. Besides playing her acoustic harp, Carol has become an advocate for playing electric harp, which she'll also teach at Somerset to the unitiated. This is her first year at Somerset as a presenter and when she's not teaching, you'll be able to find her at a table in our Exhibit Hall.

Presenter website: Carol Kappus

Electric Harp 101
Level: Any Type: Hands-on When: Sat. 3:30-5pm   More Info   

Sing in Scots Gaelic 101
Level: Any Type: Hands-on When: Fri. 3:30-5pm   More Info   

Paul Knoke

paul knoke

hhsPaul is presenting at the Historical Harp Society Conference on Sunday.

Paul Knoke began his lifelong passion working with historic musical instruments while in high school, spending two years working with the collection of instruments at the Rochester Museum and Science Center as an Independent Studies course. While earning a degree in history at the University of Rochester he interned with the musical instrument collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, cataloguing the museum's files of reference photographs of instruments, and designing and implementing new display techniques for the instrument gallery. All the while though Paul has been a musician and plays piano, organ, and harpsichord, in addition to harp. He has been the principal harpist of the Brighton (NY) Symphony Orchestra since 1990. Mr. Knoke is a charter member and past president of the Historical Harp Society, and has lectured and performed at several of their conferences. In 2007 he was guest curator for the Mildred Dilling Harp Collection, now on permanent display at Indiana University. In 2012 he performed in concert at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and at the 40th Conference of the American Harp Society on an 18th century harp from his collection.

Presenter website: Paul Knoke

Why I play the Single-Action Harp (HHS Conference)
Level: Any Type: Lecture When: Sun. 12:45-1:45pm   More Info   

Tristan LeGovic

Tristan LeGovic Dynamic and versatile, Tristan Le Govic returns to the Somerset faculty to regale us with the music of his native Brittany. Tristan began playing Celtic harp at six, first near home and then further afield in Ireland and Scotland where he has often appeared playing in duos and trios with other harpers. In concert Tristan captivates through a combination of his playing style, strong rhythm, singing, and rapport with fellow musicians on stage. He is just as comfortable on an acoustic harp as on an electric, especially when playing with his trio. He can sound ultra-traditional with his Breton renditions or just as easily swing into rhythmic jazz improvisations. He has numerous CDs to his credit, featuring his own compositions as well as Breton to Scandinavian music. Tristan has published a number of music collections, including, The Breton Harp Anthology, a unique collection of three music books featuring the best harpists in Brittany. He is featured in Alain Gallet's 2003 documentary, Le Renouveau de la Harpe Celtique en Bretagne ("The Celtic Harp Revival in Brittany").

Presenter website: Tristan LeGovic

Breton Music for Everyone
Level: Beg-Int Type: Hands-on When: Thurs1-2:30pm   More Info   

Breton music: Swing and Style
Level: Int-Adv Type: Hands-on When: Sun. 9-10:30am   More Info   

Breton Singing & Dancing
Level: Any Type: Hands-on When: Sat. 3:30-5pm   More Info   

Optimize Posture & Performance
Level: Any Type: Hands-on When: Fri. 9:30-11am   More Info   

Jen Narkevicius

jen narkeviciusJen says she is perpetually surprised by what comes out of her mouth and prefers to let her harp do most of the talking. She lives in the Washington DC area, where talk is cheap, and she leverages wit to bridge the gaps between the two. Jen enjoys teaching and performing. She is Co-Director of Harp Quest in SE Pennsylvania and has taught at the Ohio Scottish Arts School. Currently President and Competition Committee Chair of the Scottish Harp Society of America and is a credentialed SHSA judge. Jen is a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP) and provides live music at the bedside for hospital patients who are alone at the end of life. She also travels through Scotland with others, notably on the Harpa tour, pairing the music with the places, people and events that inspired it. You can follow her through her weekly blog on topics ranging from touring Scotland to staying healthy and fit as a musician and things like fulfilling your promise as a harper. She will be co-presenting with Donna Bennett and will be anchoring the Friday night Scottish session.

Presenter website: Jenius Creations

Creativity Tools to Improve Practice & Performance
Level: Any Type: Hands-on When: Fri. 3:30-5pm   More Info   

Sounding Scottish
Level: Any Type: Hands-on When: Fri. 1:30-3pm   More Info   

Jocelyn Obermeyer

jocelyn obermeyerLike many in the therapeutic harp field, Jocelyn Obermeyer came to the harp after a personal experience where she saw first-hand its therapeutic effects. She is now Program Director for the Therapeutic Harp Foundation (THF) and president of the Phoenix Chapter, American Harp Society. She began playing music at six and was the church organist by age 12. She attended Northern Illinois University on a full scholarship as a classical clarinetist and got her degree in music. She toured nationally and internationally as the baritone saxophonist for Mode Show, headed by Ron Modell. When she took up the harp, Jocelyn studied with Suzanne Balderston, Lisa Lynne Franco, Dr. Heidi Hernandez and Diana Rowan, among others. She has served as a therapeutic harp practitioner for the past 10 years. She has since gone on to serve in a wide variety of health care settings in the Phoenix area. Jocelyn serves on the National Standards Board of Therapeutic Musicians and sits on the Board of the International Harp Therapy Training Program. Jocelyn gives meditation concerts with pianist Lynne Haessler and has a duo “Soul Sounds” with Jenn Steeger on Native American Flute. When she's not presenting at Somerset, you'll be able to find her in the Exhibit Hall at the Therapeutic Harp Foundation table.

Presenter website: Therapeutic Harp Foundation

Our Day as a Therapeutic Musician
Level: Any Type: Lecture When: Sat. 1:30-3pm   More Info   

Playing in Memory Care Settings
Level: Any Type: Lecture When: Fri. 1:30-3pm   More Info   

Alfredo Rolando Ortiz

OrtizCuban born Alfredo Ortiz is one the leading Paraguayan harpists and has a multi-cultural repertoire which covers the folk, classical and popular music of many countries, in addition to his own compositions. He began playing the Venezuelan folk harp at 15, four years after his family emigrated there, and he eventually used music to support his medical studies. Dr. Ortiz also has a background in music therapy and sensory motor integration, which he draws on in his body/harp workshops. His compositions and publications are used in many schools and by many harp ensembles around the world. In 2008, he was commissioned by the Tenth World Harp Congress to compose a piece, which was then performed by 232 harpists at the Congress, breaking a record in the Guinness Book of World Records. When not performing with symphonies and orchestras, doing concerts or recording, Dr. Ortiz is traveling and doing lectures and master classes. In 2011, in honor of his 50 years of contributions to the harp community, Alfredo was awarded the very first Lifetime Achievement Award by the Somerset Folk Harp Festival.

Presenter website: Alfredo Rolando Ortiz

Cuban Rhythms
Level: Int. Type: Hands-on When: Thurs1-2:30pm   More Info   

Intro to Latin Rhythms
Level: Any Type: Hands-on When: Fri. 1:30-3pm   More Info   

Latin music techniques & fun effects
Level: Any Type: Hands-on When: Sat. 1:30-3pm   More Info   

Prevent Injury & Play Better and Faster
Level: Any Type: Hands-on When: Sat. 3:30-5pm   More Info   

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