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  Laurence Furr
  Melinda Gardiner
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Rhett Barnwell

Musical fluency characterizes Rhett Barnwell, who is at ease playing organ, cello, piano and French horn as well as classical and lever harp. His musical focus, no matter what instrument he is playing, composing or conducting, is on music for sacred, healing and meditative purposes. Within that primary focus he has made a special study of Gregorian chant. Rhett has toured with solo sopranos Victoria Lawson and Claire Teuber, has performed and taught at a wide variety of festivals, including Spoleto, and has served on the Board of Trustees of the Historical Harp Society and CD review editor for the Folk Harp Journal. He has many CDs and books available as well as his entrepreneurial venture (with Julianne Ford and Coralie Olszta) Harp Couture – a division of Seraphim Music that offers a line of fashions and accessories for the harp. Somerset collaborated with Rhett in 2015 to bring his Liturgical Harp Conference to the festival. Seraphim Music will have a table in the Exhibit Hall as well so you have plenty of opportunities to chat him up during the weekend.

Presenter website: Seraphim Music

Gregorian Chant to Serenade Your Soul
Level: Any Type: Hands-on When: Sun. 9-10:30am   More Info   

Play Harp Without Fear
Level: Any Type: Hands-on When: Sat. 3:30-5pm   More Info   

Play It Pretty
Level: Any Type: Hands-on When: Fri. 1:30-3pm   More Info   

Level: Any Type: Hands-on When: Fri. 9:30-11am   More Info   

Debbie Brewin-Wilson

“My Muse, tho' hamely in attire, May touch the heart." said Robert Burns. There is nothing ‘hamely’ about Debbie’s artistry as a musician and singer, and the combination of these skills with her passion for Robert Burns results in music that echoes ‘the wood note wild’ as Burns describes the natural and unpretentious singing he liked best. An experienced performer and teacher, Debbie’s repertoire also includes many traditional Scots ballads and Scottish jigs, reels, and strathspeys as well. She is also an ordained priest in the Episcopal Church, her current congregation being in nearby Sparta, NJ. To date, she has three solo CDs, Dream of Caledonia, Roots and Wings, and Love Came Down at Christmas, a mix of original and traditional songs. Cofounder, with Kathy DeAngelo of the Harper’s Escape, she was on staff at the Escape for all of its 24 years and co-authored the Escape tunebooks, Ten Years of Tunes, Another Ten Years of Tunes and The Parting Glass). Debbie has also published three song and harp arrangement collections: Burns for Bairns and Wood Notes Wild and her newest Harp of My King, a compilation of Celtic Tunes New & Old for Christian Worship, which also includes a CD companion. She created our Basically Beginning program in 2009. This year she will also be doing the Beginner group for the Harpers' Escape at Somerset Sunday program.


Presenter website: Debbie Brewin-Wilson

Basically Beginning I
Level: Nov.-Beg Type: Hands-on When: Fri. 9:30-11am   More Info   

Basically Beginning II
Level: Nov.-Beg Type: Hands-on When: Sat. 9:30-11am   More Info   

Basically Beginning III
Level: Nov.-Beg Type: Hands-on When: Sun. 9-10:30am   More Info   

Celtic Service
Level: Any Type: When: Sun. 8am   More Info   

Harpers' Escape at Somerset (beginner group)
Level: Beg. Type: Hands-on When: Sun. 1-10pm   More Info   

Singing Robert Burns
Level: Any Type: Hands-on When: Sat. 3:30-5pm   More Info   

Nicolas Carter

nicolas carter At home in two cultures, Nicolas Carter was raised in Asuncion, Paraguay, where he learned to play the Paraguayan harp and in Minnesota. His principal teacher Isidro Caballero (Father to Paraguay's harp genius Nicolasito) taught him in the traditional folk style of learning by ear, an “ideal way for me to learn, every note I have to hear and feel it.” Playing professionally since 1988 in a variety of settings, as accompanist to singer Lizza Bogado, to playing in a various trios and groups from “Son del Sur” (Song from the South, Latin-American folk music), and “Los Amigos” (traditional Mexican music) to ” Nube” (New World Fusion). As a solo harpist, Nicolas has had concerts in Europe, the United States, and Latin America. Nicolas combines his passion for music with a deep interest in theatre, and indeed, holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in Theatre Direction from the University of Minnesota. His CD’s, more than a dozen, reflect the several musical idioms from Latin to Fusion in which he is fluent. Nicolas recently moved back to the U.S. from Paraguay and now lives and gigs in New York City.

Presenter website: Nicolas Carter

Latin American Waltzes
Level: Int. Type: Hands-on When: Sun. 9-10:30am   More Info   

Latin Music Improvisations
Level: Int. Type: Hands-on When: Thu. 3:30-5pm   More Info   

Play El Condor Pasa
Level: Int. Type: Hands-on When: Sat. 9:30-11am   More Info   

Storytelling with Your Harp
Level: Any Type: Hands-on When: Fri. 1:30-3pm   More Info   

Cynthia Cathcart

cynthia cathcart A visit to Cynthia’s superbly organized and informative web site will fill you with an instant desire to play the clarsach, the wire strung harp, of Scotland and Ireland. In lucid prose Cynthia presents herself with anecdotes and practical information as well as giving a taste of her teaching style in pieces on such topics as how harmonics work and how to handle accidentals on a lever-free harp. You can also listen to a selection of her playing which has been described as ‘Clear, pure and glistening… bell-like…’ and giving the ‘impression of very fine china.’ It is no surprise then to read of Cynthia’s multiple awards and accomplishments, among them being a two-time winner of U.S. National Scottish Harp Competition and recognition that she is one of the world’s foremost experts on the wire strung harp. Cynthia has recorded three CD’s, Alchemy of a Rose, Joy to the World and , Carols of Christmas. She has four books, including Pathway: A Primer for the Wire-Strung Harp (with separate recording), From my Music Stand, and Traditional Beginnings for the Celtic Harp .

Presenter website
: Cynthia Cathcart

Carolan's Baroque
Level: Beg.-Int. Type: Hands-on When: Thurs. 3-4:30pm    More Info

Getting in the Mode
Level: Any Type: Hands-on When: Sat. 1:30-3pm    More Info

No Levers, No Problem!
Level: Any Type: Hands-on When: Fri. 3:30-5pm    More Info

Dominique Dodge

dominique dodgeNew to Somerset this year is singer and harper Dominique Dodge of Vermont and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Deeply grounded in the music and song traditions of Cape Breton, Ireland, and Scotland, Dominique has a passion for melody-driven dance music and responsive, rhythmic accompaniment, as well as for songs, airs, and 18th century harp music. A former Fulbright Scholar, Dominique has an MA from the University of Limerick in Irish Music Performance and a BA Honours in Scottish Music from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow. She is also a dedicated learner of Scottish Gaelic. As well, Dominique has extensive experience in traditional arts education and maintains a busy and vibrant teaching practice. She has been performing, recording and teaching traditional music on both sides of the Atlantic for over ten years. She has been a teacher at the New Hampshire School of Scottish Arts (NHSSA) as well as OSAS (Ohio School of Scottish Arts ) and has been an instructor with the Integrated Arts Academy in Burlington VT, with a guiding hand on the Young Tradition Vermont youth group.This year we're excited to announce that she will be directing our Youth Harp Program, now in its 5th year.

Presenter website: Dominique Dodge

Youth Harp Ensemble I
Level: Beg-Int. Type: Hands-on When: Fri. 1:30-3pm  More Info   

Youth Harp Ensemble II
Level: Beg-Int. Type: Hands-on When: Fri. 1:30-3pm   More Info   

Youth Harp Program: Day 1 Meet & Greet
Level: Beg-Int. Type: Hands-on When: Thu. 1-2:30pm   More Info   

Youth Harp Program: Day 2
Level: Beg-Int. Type: Hands-on When: Fri. 9:30-11am   More Info   

Youth Harp Program: Day 3
Level: Beg-Int. Type: Hands-on When: Fri. 9:30-11am  More Info   

Youth Harp Program: Day 4
Level: Beg-Int. Type: Hands-on When: Sun. 9-10:30am   More Info   


David Eisner

david eisnerDaivd Eisner is a long-time "folkie" whose passion for acoustic music makes him one heckuva great sound technician and why he's been our sound guy since 2008. As the founder of the Institute of Musical Traditions and the House of Music Traditions in Takoma Park, MD, David has been an integral part of the folk music scene in the Washington DC area for decades. He's been on the board of the Folklore Society of Greater Washington (FSGW ) since 1984 and is regularly recognized by the Washington Area Music Association for his contributions to the music community as a sound engineer, concert producer and business executive. We're having Dave reprise his really popular workshop he's done for us on sound gear and how to be heard!

Sound Decisions on Amps & Sound Gear
Level: AnyAny Type: Hands-on When: Sat. 3:30-5pm   More Info   


Edie Elkan

edie elkan Sometimes a particular experience will connect with existing skills in such a way that a person will embark in an entirely new but inspired path. Such is the case for Edie Elkan, who with a strong background in music, experience as a teacher of piano, and an early grounding in playing the harp, found herself first, returning to the harp to assuage her own grief, and then discovering that the harp was being used in medical environments which in turn led her to found Bedside Harp in 2002, a New Jersey, hospital-based harp therapy program. In 2005 Elkan was recognized by the Society for the Arts in Health Care for her work at the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital’s cancer center, where, in a research project, she discovered that patients who listened to live harp music while receiving chemotherapy were less anxious that those patients who did not. Edie has published Everything You Ever Wanted to Know (about Harp Therapy) and her master’s thesis: The Edie Elkan Method of Teaching Folk Harp as an Instrument of Healing. Also available is a 4-set CD Oodles of Noodles, a recording of a workshop on ‘noodling’ presented by Edie in 2006.

Presenter website: Bedside Harp

Bedside Harp Special Moments
Level: Any Type: Demo When: Fri. 3:30-5pm   More Info   

Mindfulness Now!
Level: AnyAny Type: demo When: Sat. 1:30-3pm   More Info   

Music Theory: It's Not Rocket Science
Level: Beg. Type: Hands-on When: Fri. 1:30-3pm   More Info   


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