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"I think that one of the most valuable things you offer at the concerts is showcasing a wide array of harps on stage. In the past 4 years that I have been attending Somerset, the styles of harps, performers, and workshop offerings has vastly grown. This variety is a delight for the eye and ear, but mostly for our intellect. It gives people, like myself, the opportunity to see, hear, and learn about things they might never had known about (and I have my Masters in Music). Kathy, I think it is probably the largest contribution that you can make to the harping community. Kudos to you! " feedback from Andrea in 2011 

"The evening concerts are always amazing; a great variety of music styles and awe-inspiring talent. "

Concert Tickets Available to the Public!
If you're attending the conference, concert tickets are included in your registration fee.
Sunday morning concert is included in the Sunday visitor ticket and in the full festival registration. A very limited supply of Friday and Saturday night concert tickets will be available to the public in June.

Friday & Saturday Tickets (Coming in June)

Bring your receipt confirmation as your ticket. Specify the quantity on the menu, then add the day in the text window (e.g.: 1/Fri, 1/Sat.)





If you're attending the conference, concert tickets are included in your registration.

Thursday Night at 7:30pm: conference attendees only
no tickets available to the public

Ann & Charlie Heymann
ann heymann

Kim Robertson
Eduardo Betancourt
eduardo betancourt

Corrina Hewat
corrina hewat

Be There to Help Us Honor the Lifetime Achievement Award recipient: to be announced
Concert goers are Invited to a reception to follow immediately after the concert

Friday Night at 7:30pm

Erik Ask-Upmark
Maeve Gilchrist
Alfredo Ortiz
alfredo ortiz

Saturday Night at 7:30pm

Tristan LeGovic
tristan legovic

Grainne Hambly &
William Jackson

Sarah Deere-Jones &
Phil Williams
sarah deere-jones

Janet Harbison
janet harbison

Sunday at 11am

Somerset Youth Harp Ensemble
directed by Dominique Dodge

Dominique Dodge

Nicolas Carter
nicolas carter


Friday at 11:30am
Saturday at 11:30am

11:30am-12:15pm: Bedside Harp Harp Ensemble under the direction of Norine Stewart

12:15-1pm: Cicely Tyson Harp Ensemble under the direction of Robbin Gordon-Cartier


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Updated 2/1/19
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