The Somerset Folk Harp Festival is an amazing 4-day conference celebrating the diversity of music, talent and experience of the folk harp world. Whether you want to focus on one style or type of music, solidify some specific skills, or try out something new, the breadth of this year’s workshop offerings is sure to expand your musical horizon. Our Exhibit Hall is the best harp and music shopping under one roof you'll find anywhere on the East Coast. Daily concerts will inspire you. Come for the whole festival or just one day--plenty of registration options.

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What People Say About the Festival

"This is the best harp festival"--Jakez Francois, head of Camac Harps

"The festival was one of the most efficiently run events I have ever attended. My husband had a great time and said he wouldn't want to miss it. Thank you for everything you do to make this happen." --Maryann

"I loved the festival last summer and thought it was beautifully organized and had no complaints at all. I was very impressed. The people at the hotel were nice also and everything seemed to run smoothly." --Frances

"Dear Kathy, I keep thinking that I have learned so much at Somerset already that it would not matter if I skip a year or two. That never happens. You have put together a great line-up (as usual). You have outdone yourself!" --Marie

"Now that I'm retired and have time for all the things I had to put on can be sure I won't be missing the historical harp offerings." --Killian

"How do you do all this? It was amazing! Extremely well organized. Unbelievable variety... the only thing that could make it better would be more time!"
"An exciting, enriching experience... I learned a great deal and met many wonderful people. Thanks for a world-class experience."--Marjorie
"I appreciate the opportunities provided to be exposed to various ethnic music genres."



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