The Somerset Folk Harp Festival is a 4-day conference celebrating the diversity of music, talent and experience of the folk harp world. Whether you want to focus on one style or type of music, solidify some specific skills, or try out something new, the breadth of this year’s workshop offerings is sure to expand your musical horizon. Our Exhibit Hall is the best harp and music shopping under one roof you'll find anywhere on the East Coast. Daily concerts will inspire you. Come for the whole festival or just one day--plenty of registration options.



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What's Open to the General Public

All Evening Concerts are Sold Out! No tickets for the general public available. Registered attendees only!

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What People Are Saying About 2014

"Dear Kathy, I keep thinking that I have learned so much at Somerset already that it would not matter if I skip a year or two. That never happens. You have put together a great line-up (as usual). You have outdone yourself!" --Marie

"Now that I'm retired and have time for all the things I had to put on can be sure I won't be missing the historical harp offerings." --Killian

4 Fabulous Summer Harp Days!
Parsippany NJ July 31-Aug. 3, 2014
Parsippany is the harp destination this summer.
After July 16 all registrations must be done on-site with on-site pricing

The Best Harp Shopping on the East Coast: Widest Selection of Instruments, CDs, Music & Music Stuff

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Most comprehensive Celtic track anywhere this summer. We're covering all the Celtic countries! see the Celtic Focus Area page

brenda & sabineBrenda & Sabine are Back for a Jazz Harp Special in our Thursday program sponsored by Camac Harps

Be part of Brenda & Sabine's jazz harp ensemble

More Jazz & Blues than anywhere else. See our whole program.

The Liturgical Harp Conference at Somerset on Thursday
Conference itinerary
See our Liturgical Harp topic page for all the tie-ins all weekend

The Historical Harp Society Conference is also Thursday

We have more for you on this topic than any other harp event.
See our historical harp focus area page

2nd Year for Our Youth Harp Program
to be directed by Robbin Gordon-Cartier Check it out

Liza Jensen will be there to regulate harps.
Bring your harp for a tune-up!